Human Resource Consulting

HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTING SERVICESWe are a partner who takes a consultative approach, delivering customised solutions to their needs for talent and expertise in a highly competitive world. Our human resource offering consists of the following;

  • End-to-end Recruitment
  • Job profiling
  • Payroll
  • Drafting and adoption Human Capital Policies
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Employment Equity Planning
  • Talent management
  • Industrial Relations

Recruitment Services

We’ve recognized that our clients no longer require the traditional form of recruitment where in they recruit based on current demand i.e: resignations, dismissals, new projects or the termination of employee contracts.
Instead we help employers plan their current and future recruitment needs through workforce skills planning. This enables them to design a recruitment strategy based on the strategic goals and direction of their organisation, forecast which skills they need in order to achieve these goals, profile and develop the correct job specifications which match the skills required, we then use the specifications in the recruitment and selection of the right candidates through a detailed and comprehensive recruitment plan.

Our recruitment methods include the following;

  • Succession planning
  • Graduate Recruitment
  • Head-hunting
  • Database Management
  • Linkedin
  • Online advertisements on our website
  • Mobile and Social Media Recruitment

Areas of Recruitment Specialisation

  • Finance
  • Asset management
  • IT
  • Service Centre
  • Audit
  • Executive Placements

Types of Placements

  • Fixed Term Contract
  • Contingent (Project/ Assignment Workers)
  • Permanent Placements

Job Profiling

The job profiling initiatives we conduct with our clients enable them to develop the following:

  • Job Descriptions (to define the tasks and/or responsibilities per job title)
  • Performance Agreements / Contracts (to define the outputs or goals per job title
  • Competence Profile (to define the qualifications and competencies per job title)