About Us

Our vision is to be one of the market leaders in providing professional services to small and medium enterprises in the South African market.

The firm has extensive experience with a broad and diverse range of clients. These include small and large firms in the private sector as well as the public sector. The professional and personal involvement of our senior partners in all our client engagements is an outstanding feature of the service provided by FZ & Associates.

We have the skills and understanding of SME businesses, that puts us in a position to support them as they grow and their business needs become more complex. We build strong relationships with business owners which gives them peace of mind, freeing up their time to concentrate on operational and strategic issues.

We take great pride in our ability to customise our services to suit each of our client’s specific requirements and to do so with integrity by using a team of committed and experienced professionals.

We have strategic partnerships with legal firms that assist us in providing our clients with legal advice. Our objective remains to liaise with our clients on a friendly and harmonious basis providing quality professional services